Celebrating Five Years Carpe Diem Haiku Kai - October 2017

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

Five years of Carpe Diem Haiku Kai awesome. It all started in September 2012. I was attending an every day challenge to write at least one haiku a day (on Haiku Heights). I liked that. I loved writing every day, but I knew at the end of September it would be over and I knew that I would miss writing on a daily base ... So I thought: "Maybe I can create a daily haiku challenge myself". With that thought it all started, an adventure, because I had no idea how to make a website.

I started a quest on the Internet were I ran into "blogger" by Google. A free to use web-hosting program with a wonderful and easy to use format. Halfway September 2012 I created a conceptual weblog and published the first prompt "waterfall" at the end of September which was open for submissions starting on October 1st. So that's the reason why I see the start of CDHK on October the first 2012.

our first logo
I never had thought I would be alive and kicking five years after the start, but here I am or better said "we are here still alive and kicking". Carpe Diem Haiku Kai is a warmhearted family of haiku, tanka - and other Japanese poetry poets. Without you, my dear Haijin, visitors and travelers, I couldn't make CDHK as successful as it has become.

During these five years there were several changes, we even had a discussion about publishing permission that became the reason that a few poets decided to leave and so I had to decide to create a publishing policy (this you can find at the bottom of our weblog).

In the years behind us I had the opportunity to introduce renown haiku poets and musicians to you. For example we had Garry Gay as a special guest, or Karunesh, that awesome musician, with his beautiful "world fusion" music. Or what to think of Jane Reichhold and Michael Dylan Welch.
We read several books together, for example The Zahir by Paulo Coelho and the Bhagavad Gita.
We have made journeys around the globe and we went on pilgrimages together. Of course I also introduced classical haiku poets to you.

Than there was the exclusive collaboration with Jane Reichhold. Jane was several years, until she died in 2016, our co-host and my back-up. I am still grateful that she was part of CDHK and that she granted me permission to use all her work.

Recently I started with the "weekend-meditation" to give myself some free time and I can only say I love to have that spare time, but this month ... I will do no "weekend-meditation", because I wanted to give you the feeling (again) to create every day.
Let us take a look at this festive month. This month I will use music-videos by three renown musicians of "alternative" music in the weekends, instead of the "weekend-meditation". The regular prompts will be prompts we have had earlier here at CDHK. I have chosen for one prompt per season, except 2012 and 2017 for obvious reasons I think.

And there will be more to do at CDHK this month ... I hope to launch our new You Tube Channel Karumi and I hope to publish our tribute to Jane E-book.

Here are the prompts for this month (with a proviso):

1. (music) Borealis
2. Perfume
3. Koharu
4. Millionaire
5. Shuntoo

6. Reflection
7. (music) Calling Wisdom (by Karunesh)
8. (music) The Last of His Name
9. October (by Frost)
10. Into the sea
11. Ryuko-ji (temple 41, Shikoku Island)

14.(music) The Sacred Sanctuary
15. (music) Enigma (by Karunesh)
16. Yekaterinburg
17. Wheel of Creation
18. Suzuran
19. Sacred Stones
20. On our Way Home
21. (music) Meaning of Life
22. (music) Conqueror of the Sky
23. Love
24. Ireland
25. Abalone shells
26. Symphony No. 11
27. Spiritual Way
28. (music) Remembering to Forget (by Karunesh)
29. (music) Winds of Conquest
30. Time Travel
31. Twilight

I think this month will be awesome. A real festive month ... to celebrate our first luster. Come on celebrate it with us all here at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai, the place to be if you like to write and share Japanese poetry.


Chèvrefeuille, your host


  1. Congratulations on a wonderful 5 years!!!

    1. Thank you Becca ... I never would have dreamed that Carpe Diem would be alive and kicking five years after its start. Hope to see you again sometimes here at CDHK.